Short Term Course

Short term course
Short term course

Short Term Course

These are short term courses having Shorter Duration of conduction .The duration of these types of educational courses is from 10 Days to 1 year in India.

Students from Different educational backgrounds in India persue certificate courses in the Following Educational Fields.

  • Computers
  • ┬áDesigning
  • Business Management
  • Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Retail Management
  • Language Course

Some of the short term Courses for Computers are :-

Data base
Digital Marketing

Some of the short term Courses for Designing are :-

short term Courses-Fashion Designing

Fashion & Clothing Technology (FCT)
Fashion Integration for Apparel Industry (FIAI)
Entrepreneur Development in Fashion Leather Accessories
Footwear Designing & Production Technology (FDPT)
Jewellery Design & Handcraft Technology (JDHT)
Luxury Product Design (LPD)
Fashion Knitwear & Production Technology (FKPT)
Fashion Integration & Marketing Application for Textiles (FIMAT)
Textile Development for Fashion (TDF)
Graphics Desigh & Communication
Fashion retail Management (FRM)
Garment Export Merchandising Management (GEMM)
Clothing Production Technology (CPT)
Garment Production Technology & Apparel Design (GPTAD)
Fashion Designing and Apparel Technology (FDAT)

Short Term Course Six-month programmes:

Introduction to Design & Fashion
Computer Aided Designing for footwear
Leather goods designing & production technology
Viual merchandising & Retail store Design
CAD for knits
Fashion art & Illustration
CAD for Textiles
Fashion Communication and Journalism
Fashion Stying and Photography
Fashion Photography
Visual Merchandising
Multimedia and Web Design
Fashion Brand Management
Marketing and Mercahndising for Fashion Industry (MMFI)
Apparel Merchandising & Retail Operations
Apparel Costing & Fashion Merchandising Managmeent (ACFMM)
Fabric Knowledge for Garment Manufacturers
Sewing Machine Engineering (SME)
Apparel Production Management
Design Process Thinking
Design & Pattern Making for Ethnic Apparel
Industrial Pattern Making
Three-month programme: Fashion Merchandising Management (FMM)

short term Courses -Web designing

short term Courses – Interior Designing

Interior Designing & Decoration
Exhibition Design
Retail Design & Display
Green Commercial Interiors
Vastu Sashtra
Landscape Design

Short term Courses in Journalism & Mass Communication

Production Direction & TV Journalism
Video Editing & Sound Recording
Camera & Lighting Techniques
Acting & Presentation
TV Graphics & Animation
Still Photography & Journalism
Sound Recording & Radio Production
Mass Media Research & Planning
Screenplay Writing
Print and Advertising Graphics
2D Graphics and Animation
Virtual Set Design (3DS Max)
3D Graphics & Animation (MAYA)
Compositing and Special Effects
Internet & Web Design