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Study in India – Career Plus

As Indian education system is witnessing rapid changes, Indian education sphere is flooding with new courses and colleges. Last decade in India has witnessed more considerable improvement, especially in the higher education scenario both in qualitative term and competitive term. Indian IITs, and in management, the IIMs have already marked their names among the top higher educational institutes of the world.

Even private universities in India like

are also providing best quality education for the students. As a result, students from various parts of the world are coming today for higher education in India.

Why Study India – Career Plus

In the presence of more than ten thousand colleges, more than four hundred universities and several institutes of national importance and various other vocational institutes, Indian education system is the power house of this region. Students studying in India can cherish the blend of

  • Affordable education
  • Wide choice of courses
  • World-class institutions and faculty
  • International exposure
  • Networking with world Markets
  • Friendly Environment and Holistic education

Study India Programs – Career Plus

These impressive universities and colleges are sprawled across its major states and cities, which have inducted numerous foreign students from time to time. Apart from

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Doctoral Courses
  • Training and Diploma-level Institutes
  • Polytechnics

that cater to the growing demand for skill-based and vocational education. The quality education that India offers is within the reach of every income-group considering the reasonable fee structure. With 66 distance education institutions functioning in 60 universities besides 11 open universities, India has an enlarged outreach of distance education as well.

Career plus role in Study India

But Gaining admission to the premier schools which students aspire for is not an easy task. This seemingly tall order can be fulfilled and the ultimate achieved-if you have the right friend, philosopher and guide. This is exactly where Career plus steps in.

As an Indian government recognized colleges’ counselor, Career plus provides in detail assistance for, study in India.

We are the one and only unique Trusted education counselor and e-consultant in India that provide professional education consulting services to students in India and abroad who like to study in India and all most all nations.

We, with our Consulting Team with their prior knowledge in working with Indian and foreign universities and also the requirements of Indian students can correlate and give proper higher education advice on the exact location and course for you to study.